5th September 2023

Exhibition “Into the World of Travelling” presented at the National Library “St. st. Cyril and Methodius”

The exhibition is part of the cultural events and initiatives dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the National Library “St. st. Cyril and Methodius” in Sofia. 

Since when do people travel? A question to which we can hardly provide an exact answer. Duty or leisure? Interest or religious devotion? One thing is certain – travelling is always an adventure!

Embark on a visual odyssey through time and cultures at the “Into the World of Travelling” exhibition. Discover an array of books, documents, manuscripts, and graphic treasures from the rich archives of the National Library “St. st. Cyril and Methodius”. The captivating allure of far-off territories and the lavishness of the Ottoman gem – Constantinople – take turns with ancient accounts meticulously reconstructed with architectural accuracy and artistic refinement.

The exhibition offers an opportunity for a personal and emotional experience. Eastern wisdom states that “happiness is a journey”, but not every journey is necessarily associated with pleasant experiences, rest, and enjoyment. Up until the mid-1800s, travel primarily revolved around two main objectives: economic pursuits and religious pilgrimages. Travelling through different millennia has been accompanied by human and natural-caused barriers and failures, and in many cases has been halted by unexpected and catastrophic turns. Yet, driven by the thrill of encountering the unknown and the unfamiliar, travellers embarked on their paths with enthusiasm, which became their way of living. Experience the beauty and challenges of these expeditions, illuminated by ethnographic, demographic, and historical information.

Immerse yourself in the allure of exotic lands and ancient marvels, and let this exhibition inspire your own quest for knowledge, wisdom, and adventure.

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