16th May 2022

Exhibition “Faces of exploration in the 19th century, From myth to history”

From 10 May 21 August 2022

The BnF is celebrating the bicentenary of the Société de géographie (Geographical Society )by devoting an exhibition to 19th century exploration. Based on the exceptional collection of the Société de géographie and on remarkable external loans, it brings together nearly 200 items that takes a different look at the “discoveries” of the period and, more broadly, the exploratory enterprise itself.

Founded in Paris on 15 December 1821, the Société de géographie was a major player in encouraging voyages of discovery and the dissemination of geographical knowledge. Throughout the century, it helped explorers, directed their work and published their results.

Through notebooks and sketches, maps and photographs, measuring instruments, objects and specimens collected in the field, the exhibition highlights all the faces – women explorers, guides, interpreters, etc. who were the main actors in the history of the Société.

More info : https://www.bnf.fr/fr/agenda/visages-de-lexploration-au-xixe-siecle

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