22nd April 2024

Exhibition Ars Heraldica – The world of coats of arms

Exhibition 15.04.2024 to 12.10.2024

Coats of arms have been part of Western culture for more than 800 years. Like other symbols, they are an expression of personal, family and social identity. Although they originated amongst the nobility, they have over the centuries been used in a wide array of contexts. Nowadays, they adorn sports clubs, town councils and breweries. Nevertheless, coats of arms often appear mysterious and obscure.

The exhibition introduces visitors to the world of heraldry. It does this with the help of some precious manuscripts from the collection of Dr Jean-Claude Loutsch, donated to the National Library in 2021. This collection provides an insight into a very specialised form of self-representation – not only for Luxembourg, but also for neighbouring countries.

We also invite visitors to discover new works from the Insignia series by Catherine Lorent in the Reading Room, in which the Luxembourgish artist presents her contemporary interpretation of heraldry.

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