22nd August 2022

Europe in questions and answers: the interactive events for children from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova

During the summer months the Pro-European Centre for Services and Communication (CPESC) within the “The European Information for All” Service of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova (NLRM), carried out the interactive activities with European topics for children from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. The activities were organized by CPESC employees – Natalia Gulco (Moldova) and Natalia Dubovic (Ukraine).

Event Organisers
Event Organisers

The Ukrainian children had the possibility to interact in Ukrainian language not only between them, but also with the organizers. Speaking in native language helps kids to maintain a good state of mind and bring back a positive atmosphere to their parents and thus to build a better integration of their families into Moldavian society.

The activities have gathered over 100 children from different summer camps in Chisinau (Green Gate Project Summer Camp of the Urban Center for Young Naturalists; Summer Camp of the Technical Creation Center for Children and Youth “Politehnic”; children from refugee families accompanied by parents and the representatives of the international organization INTERSOS Moldova).

The young people participated in several tasks: making origami with a European theme, searching for information offline (using publications from the CPESC collection) and online (the European Union / Council of Europe information resources). Finally, they were challenged by taking part in online EU educational games (“Let‘s explore Europe”, “Climate Super Hero”, etc.)

The members of the teams “Ми з України” (‘We are from Ukraine’) and “Молдова за мир” (“Moldova for Peace”) tested their knowledge, accumulating points for each correct answer and/or completed task.

Ukrainian and Moldavian Teams
Ukrainian and Moldavian Teams

The intelligent and curious children happily got involved in the competition and had the opportunity to (re)discover useful and interesting information about Europe.

In the upcoming time the employers of the NLRM are open to welcome other groups from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova for the participate in interactive educational lessons and games on European topics

Point of contact  – Natalia Gulco cpesc@bnrm.md

Info / Foto:
“Europa în întrebări s̗i răspunsuri”: Activități interactive pentru copiii din Moldova si Ucraina

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