20th January 2023

Critical editions of Dance Intermezzos and Pohjola’s Daughter available in the collected works of Jean Sibelius

Five orchestral works composed in the years 1904–1910 are now available in the series of collected works of Jean Sibelius: The Dryad (Op. 45 No. 1), Musik zu einer Szene (Op. 45 No. 2/1904), Dance Intermezzo (Op. 45 No. 2), Pohjola’s Daughter (Op. 49), and Pan and Echo (Op. 53a). This new volume marks the 36th instalment in the critical edition of Jean Sibelius Works. The project began its work in 1996 and aims to publish Sibelius’s oeuvre in its entirety, 60 volumes.
Sibelius’s collected works are published in cooperation by the National Library of Finland, the Sibelius Society of Finland, and publishers Breitkopf & Härtel (Wiesbaden).


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