National and University Library “St. Clement of Ohrid” - Skopje: Book Club of "St. Clement of Ohrid"

The aims and objectives of the project

Our idea was simple and very logical as a COVID 19 measure that would facilitate our interaction and contact with our audience. Through this help grant we started upgrade our website with content and sub-domain that are dedicated specifically to our readers. We started establishing a “Book Club”, which was a kind of digital replacement for our filled hall of the library with readers.

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully met all key dates and milestones for our planned project delivery of establishing a website book club. But we would also like to note that, we have encountered unbiased challenges such as making the website easier. Our journey began with meticulous planning and concept development, followed by the design and development phases, which were executed with precision and creativity. We adhered to our timeline for content creation, user testing, and platform optimization. The internal launch was seamless, and our web-based book club is now live, engaging members and book enthusiasts. Yet we have problem with servers upgrading so now we are upgrading and migrating. This achievement reflects our team’s dedication and commitment to delivering a high-quality digital platform for literary enthusiasts. We look forward to a thriving future for our book club.

Following an extensive analysis of our department’s technological infrastructure, it has become evident that our operations are predominantly reliant on outdated desktop computers. This reliance poses a significant challenge to our efficiency and productivity. In response, we have embarked on a comprehensive strategy to address this issue.

Our foremost initiative involves the procurement of modern laptop to supplement and eventually replace the aging desktop computer on which we are working on our page. This decision has been made after careful consideration of our department’s needs and budgetary constraints. Through a meticulous evaluation process, we have selected the most advantageous offer among three official proposals, ensuring that we obtain the highest quality laptops at the most competitive price.

In addition to the laptop procurement, we have recognized the importance of engaging the services of a seasoned IT expert. This professional will play a pivotal role in the initial phases of establishing the Web Book Club platform, a crucial project for our department’s future endeavours. Their expertise will ensure a seamless implementation and functioning of the platform, setting a strong foundation for our digital initiatives.

This revised plan underscores our commitment to improving the department’s technological infrastructure by addressing the issue of outdated desktop computers. Simultaneously, our partnership with the IT expert underscores our dedication to the successful launch of the Web Book Club platform. We firmly believe that achieving these milestones will not only enhance our project’s efficiency and effectiveness but also position our department for future success in the digital age. The next phase of this project is the upgrade of the web platform server. At the same time, the rest of the funds will be used for upgrading it.


The outcomes of the project

The successful creation of the initial phase of a modern web-based book club for university library students marks a significant achievement. This dynamic platform offers students a digital space to engage with literature, fostering a vibrant reading community. It reflects the university’s commitment to enhancing student learning and literary exploration. Of course, upgrading the system with more stable servers will be our next phase.

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