CENL Event

30th January 2023

Conference “The Book and Its History in Slovakia” on 16 to 18 May 2023

The Slovak National Library invites to attend the international conference on history of book culture: The Book and Its History in Slovakia, which will take place from 16th to 18th May 2023 in Martin, Slovakia.

This year‘s conference will focus on book culture in the context of Slovak realia. Its aim is to provide contributions, and thus symbolically support the celebration of the anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic (1993 – 2023). We expect studies devoted to book culture connected with Slovak history in terms of provenance, content, or culture. At the same time, outcomes on the history of bookselling, publishing, authoring, and book collecting activities (libraries of personalities, aristocratic and ecclesiastical libraries, etc.) are welcomed. We are also interested in papers focused on the topics of incunabula, book binding, illustrations, etc. Given the changing conditions in the field of scientific research practice, topics of contributions may include new information about shared or remote access to data relevant to researchers as well as findings about databases useful for the research of book history. The conference contributions will be published in peer-reviewed proceedings KNIHA 2023. Registration by March 31 st, 2023.

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