6th May 2022

CENL Dialogue Forum: New format launched

We are happy to announce the launch of a new format for CENL members to get in touch with other groups and stakeholders. The new CENL Dialogue Forum shall be an informal forum where CENL members can meet with representatives of other interest groups or organisations to discuss topics of mutual interest.

One of the first Dialogue Forums will be the FEP-CENL Dialogue Forum. The partnership between CENL and the Federation of European Publishers has a long tradition but faded after the reorganization of working groups in 2019. Now, the Executive Committee agreed to restart the dialogue.

The FEP-CENL Dialogue Forum shall be a space enabling national librarians from the CENL member states to communicate on a par with publishers. The existing FEP-National Libraries Working Group will serve as the nucleus of the FEP-CENL Dialogue Forum.

The Dialogue Forum can have subgroups. One of these subgroups will be the existing “French-German Meeting of Copyrighted Works in Digital Libraries”. Other subgroups are welcome.

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