Bursary Report


Virtual Research and Digital Preservation of The National Library of Czech Republic

Director General of the National Library of Moldova, Elena Pintelei, and three Deputy Directors (Aliona Muntean, Vera Osoianu, Veronica Bors) visited the National Library of the Czech Republic in June 2017 to learn about the creation of a virtual research environment for access and preservation of digital documents.

The programme enabled the staff to meet with a number of teams across the National Library of the Czech Republic:

  • Zdeněk Matušik, Deputy Director, Readers Services department
  • Hana Opleštilová, Slavonic Library Collections
  • Vit Richer. Director, Librarianship Institute
  • Martin Kocanda, Director General of the National Library
  • Adolf Knoll, Secretary for Science, Research and International Relations
  • Edita Lichtenbergová, Director, Acquisition, Bibliography and Cataloguing Division
  • Petr Kukac, Director, Digitization Division, Creation of the National Digital Library
  • Petra Vávrová, Director, Collections Preservation Division
  • Miroslav Hejnová, Director, Historical and Music Collections Division
  • Veronika Procházková, Head of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books Department

The National Library of the Czech Republic kindly provided accommodation in the library’s guest rooms.

A number of collaborative project prospects were discussed and the full visit itinerary is included in the images below.