Visit to the German National Library

The aims and objectives of the project

The aim of the knowledge exchange trip to Leipzig was to improve the work processes of the Humanities and Social Sciences Reading Room of the LNB and facilitate a better understanding of workflows of the DNB. The objectives were to gain valuable examples and learn about main services provided to the readers, like expositions from the library’s collections, events, information services and reader’s training, as well to build a network for potential tighter cooperation between partner institutions.

Dates of visit

19-21 June, 2023


We were received at the DNB by Jörg Räuber from the Department of User Services and Collection Management. He is responsible for the reading rooms and user services on site and for managing the holdings, so we could get a deep insight into the main aims of the DNB, as well as the workflows of the reader service, collection organization and offers, as well an exhaustive story about the foundation and development of the library. The DNB provides variable information services and reader’s training offers for different target groups, and we got introduced to these services. We were introduced in depth to specific features and search options of the electronic catalogue and the website.

It was valuable to get an insight into the work of special collections especially expositions, events, offers for readers, industry professionals as well as various groups of society. It was important to get answers to questions about the activities of the German Museum of Books and Writing and to deliver the received information to the colleagues of the exhibition Book in Latvia of LNB.

The outcomes of the project

We gained valuable information and experience in the services provided by the library. We will try to use the opportunity to maintain contact with the colleagues of the DNB in order to continue to exchange valuable experience in professional work. We will try to introduce similar information services into the work of the reading room for Humanities and social sciences of the LNB.




Quotes from participants

Inga Vovčenko, Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Reading Room, LNB – “I got acquainted with the work of the German National Library: the creation and development of the collection, a diverse offer of information services for various target groups, the direction towards the development and implementation of new modern services. I got an insight into the libraries special collection offer, creation of various educational events and exhibitions. I gained valuable and stimulating experience, which I will use in my professional activities.”

Lauma Remese, subject librarian, LNB – “It was very inspiring to see the work of the national library of another country. It was valuable to see how much attention is paid to the collection, as well as to the services for readers. I will follow with interest how the DNB are doing with the implementation of the new information services.”