Study visit to the National Library of Norway

The aims and objectives of the project

The purpose of my visit was to study the advanced experience of the National Library of Norway and take over some ideas that can be replicated in the National Library of Moldova. Of particular interest was the National Library’s relations with public libraries in Norway. Likewise, I was interested in the digitization process and the Library’s offers at the national level.

Dates of visit

20/09/22 – 22/09/22


During the three-day study visit, I got to know the work of the National Library of Norway and the work of the Oslo Public Library, which in 2021 was declared the best public library in the world, by IFLA.

Based on these two libraries, I tried to understand how the responsibilities between the National Library and the Public Library are delimited. At the suggestion of colleagues from the National Library, on the first day of the visit, I toured the library, visited the rooms where old and rare maps and books are exhibited, and discussed the collaborative relationships with the other libraries in Norway. Responsible for this part of the visit were Inger Stenersen and Jannicke Rød.

On the second day of the visit, I went to the digitization department where I talked with Are Flågan.

On the last day of the visit, I talked with Jørgen Schyberg about services for  users.

Jørgen Schyberg Jørgen and Vera Osoianu
Jørgen Schyberg Jørgen and Vera Osoianu

The hours when I didn’t have a program at the National Library of Norway I devoted to the Oslo Public Library where I did two tours, one guided according to prior registration and one joining another group.


A group of students visiting NNL
A group of students visiting NNL


The meetings at the National Library of Norway and Oslo Public Library were inspirational, even the differences when it comes to available resources in our  organizations are enormous.

Based on the accumulated experience, I can propose to colleagues from the National Library of the Republic of Moldova a new concept for studying the needs of users, for exhibition spaces, I can promote the idea of a project regarding the TV studio to promote the activities organized by the National Library.

I can propose the expansion of the statistical activity indicators of public libraries.

One experience that can be picked up is digital library promotion.

Many ideas can be taken from the National Library Development Strategy in Norway “A space for democracy and self-cultivation” which I discussed with my Norwegian colleagues.

The ideas reported above were selected from discussions with:

  • Inger Stenersen, director’s assistant
  • Jørgen Schyberg, Product Owner for The Digital Library, National Library of Norway, department of “Digital outreach”

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