National Library of Romania Visit to the Austrian National Library

From the 2nd to the 4th of October, 2019, Carmen Mihaiu (General Director), Adriana Elena Borună (Head of Institutional Development Department) and Claudia Mărgărit, (Librarian in the International Relations Compartment) of the National Library of Romania visited the Austrian National Library.

The objectives of the exchange were

  • to find new strategies for improving our services for users;
  • to discover ways to improve our editorial and cultural products;
  • to promote the National Library of Romania’s rich cultural heritage.

Summary of the Exchange

The visit programme was developed in order to demonstrate best-practice models for working with library users, and for promoting the most valuable documents belonging to the library’s collections using innovative methods.

During the visit, the representatives of the National Library of Romania discussed topics of interest with their colleagues from the Austrian National Library who shared examples, insights and best-practice models. The visitors from Romania were given guided tours of the major exhibition spaces: the State Hall, the House of Austrian History, the Esperanto Museum, the Papyrus Museum, the Führung Literature Museum, and the Globe Museum, and of the Customers Services, Digital Services, Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books, Communications and Marketing, and the Research and Development departments.

Outcomes of the Exchange

This visit gave us a deeper insight into the differences and similarities between our library and the Austrian National Library. It also helped us to see more clearly which are the necessary steps to follow, in the near future, in order to accomplish our mission – collecting, preserving and promoting the national cultural written heritage, in order to participate in building a modern, dynamic and well informed society.

Quotes from participants

“The visit to Vienna represented a unique professional experience for me; a time when I had the opportunity to meet real professionals passionate about their work. I have been inspired by the projects they have already implemented and those which they are still developing. Certainly, to the extent of our library resources, we shall try to diversify our products for our users, shall try to be more present in the virtual environment, to rethink and diversify the editorial offer of the library and, try to make better use of the heritage collection through temporary or permanent exhibitions.” Adriana Elena Borună, Head of the Institutional Development Department, National Library of Romania.

“We are back home and we are still under the impression of the wonderful things we have seen and discussed during the time of our visit at the Austrian National Library. Our thankfulness goes to all Austrian colleagues that made our stay in Vienna an interesting experience and who were more than willing to answer all our questions and, of course, to the CENL team who supported the visit by approving our application.“ Claudia Mărgărit, librarian, Institutional Development Department, National Library of Romania.