Croatia - European Year of Cultural Heritage

The National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) with the aim to promote its activities and valuable collections organised the exhibition Book Art in Croatia in the National and University Library (NUK), Ljubljana, Slovenia from 5th to 19th March 2018. This exhibition was part of the official national programme to make the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

The exhibition Book Art in Croatia provides a historical overview of preparation, design and layout of books and other publications in Croatia from the Middle Ages to the present day. It presents different works: from Mediaeval Latin Codices, Glagolitic codices, manuscript books, but also contemporary richly illustrated editions and print portfolios. All these works present the highest achievements of book art in Croatia. The exhibition tells its story on 20 panels with images of selected items and their descriptions in English. A few selected facsimilies from the NSK were exhibited as well as the original of the Beram Missal which is kept in NUK. As a permanent record, the exhibition is accompanied by a publication containing an essay on book art in Croatia and the catalogue of the presented items.
The exhibition was opened in NUK on 6th March 2018. Numerous visitors at the opening were addressed by Mr Anton Peršak, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr Ivica Poljičak, State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Mrs Vesna Terzić, Croatian Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia, Mrs Martina Rozman Salobir, director of NUK and Mrs Tatijana Petrić, director general of NSK. The exhibition was presented to the audience by its author, Milan Pelc, eminent Croatian art historian.

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, this exhibition promoted an important part of Croatian cultural heritage, presenting it the Slovenian public. The exhibition further developed and improved the already well-established cooperation between the two national libraries, as well as the bilateral cultural cooperation between Croatia and Slovenia. The two neighbouring countries share cultural and historical background, and some of the items of Croatian literary heritage are kept in NUK, like for instance the Beram Missal which was displayed during the exhibition.

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BOOK ART IN CROATIA: Knjižna umjetnost u Hrvatskoj na izložbi u Ljubljani

Knjižna umjetnost u Hrvatskoj na izložbi u Ljubljani



U Ljubljani otvorena izložba “Knjižna umjetnost u Hrvatskoj”