Bursary Report


Prospective Projects Between The National University Library of Bosnia & Herzegovina and The National Library of Greece


In April 2017, the Director of National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dr. Ovcina, met the Director of Greek National Library, Dr. Filippos Tsimpoglou.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss details and consider the possibilities of creating, applying and realising joint projects which would include:

  • A Seminar or workshop entitled: Modern trends in library management and fundraising;
  • Book exhibitions in both Athens and Sarajevo: Books – bridges between countries;
  • Thematic round table: Challenge of new information technologies.

The national libraries from the region would be invited to participate in all activities. The aim of such a project is to share ideas, experiences and knowledge with professionals and experts in this field. Dr. Ovcina and Dr. Filippos concluded that the time frame for all details (dates, venues, participants, budgets etc.) of the project might be 2017/2018 and should be offered for financing to responsible institutions.