29th May 2020

AGM Keynote Speaker: Bonnie Greer OBE

Bonnie Greer OBE, has been selected as the keynote speaker for AGM, 2020.

Bonnie Greer is a playwright, author, novelist, broadcaster and former Deputy Chair of the British Museum under Neil MacGregor.
Bonnie returned to the Museum in 2019 to work with the current Director, Hartwig Fischer as co-curator with him on a project called “The Era Of Reclamation.”

This Project has diversity at its heart and ranges across Conversations online and in real space. It will include a blog on the BM’s site and online; digital and virtual media as a means to examine; reveal and talk about diverse cultures/peoples. And to ask about the very nature and meaning of diversity itself. There were three successful conversations before the Lockdown, and these will continue.

Bonnie has always worked with Roly Keating, Director of the British Library, when he was head of BBC Two. Roly commissioned a documentary called “Reflecting Skin”, in which Bonnie investigated the presence of “blackness” in European art and culture.She also made, for BBC Radio Four “On The Trail Of The Black Madonna” in which Bonnie looked at what she calls the real “Queen Of Europe”- the black Madonnas.

She is also a patron of the “Being Human” Festival, headed up by author and broadcaster Prof. Dr. Sarah Churchwell, which champions the humanities.
And she works closely with the Brussels-based American Belgian writer and cultural curator, Dorrie Wilson, as part of her “Salon Jeanne Duval”, an exploration, celebration and revelation of the culture of Europeans of African descent. The Salon is named after the Black muse of Baudelaire.

In 2002, Bonnie discovered the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald, a relationship from which she has produced numerous plays on radio; theatre; and at the Edinburgh Festival. Another is on its way.
Her podcast for Audible UK: “In Search Of Black History” is available and free to download. She is currently writing a book on what she calls “Meta Africa”. It’s title: “No Easy Music.”

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