CENL Event

10th July 2020

DNB: 5,000 Years of Media History

Guided tour: 5,000 Years of Media History

begin: 10.07.2020, 14:00

end: 10.07.2020, 15:00

location: Leipzig

Our guided tour of the permanent exhibition “Signs – Books – Networks: from Cuneiform Script to Binary Code” at the German Museum of Books and Writing takes you on a journey through 5,000 years of media history.

Tally sticks, tattoos, anatomy textbooks, neon signs, disguised publications, gravestones, novels or love letters: for more than 5,000 years people have been recording information using written signs. The permanent exhibition of the German Museum of Books and Writing provides a brief history of human media based on the three media innovations.

The exhibition extends an open invitation to explore earlier forms of communication, memory and writing systems, “old” book forms and “worlds of reading”. It documents censorship, showcases masterly examples of book art and addresses the rapid pace of media development in the 20th century.

At present, participation in the guided tours is only possible after previous registration via our website.

Information and contact

Booking: Online via the button above

Costs: Free admission

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Venue: German Museum of Books and Writing at the German National Library in Leipzig, Museumsfoyer

Contact: dbsm-info@dnb.de


German National Library
Deutscher Platz 1
04103 Leipzig

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