CENL Event

24th August 2023

225 Joer Nationalbibliothéik – Discovery Days (Open Days) 30.09. and 01.10.2023

This autumn, we are celebrating the 225th anniversary of the National Library of Luxembourg (BnL) together. Our programme includes a tour of our closed stacks and a Discovery Tour of the Reading Room. Take the opportunity to meet our staff and engage in inspiring conversations about literature, art, music, culture and science.

For all the curious of the extraordinary, we have prepared a special highlight: Join our exciting presentations of the BnL’s special collections and experience rare and precious documents that have shaped the country’s history.

Additionally, we offer short film screenings and workshops: Learn how to make iron gall ink, how to bind books or draw mangas. Workshops on the Luxembourg Web Archive, our search engine a-z.lu, our selection of digital books ebooks.lu and our VOD offer will be rounding off our programme of events for you.

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