1st June 2023

2023 EKN grantees announced

The annual Erland Kolding Nielsen Grant awards funds of up to €5,000 to national library projects which promote international collaboration and strengthens bonds between CENL libraries. In 2023, three EKN grants were to be awarded. The call for applications closed on 10 March 2023.

In its meeting in April, the CENL Executive Committee reviewed all of the submissions and awarded three grants. We are delighted to announce that the following applications were successful:

Hungary –  The aim of the cooperation is to improve the web archiving  infrastructure  of  the  National  Széchényi  Library and  the  Bibliothèque  Nationale  du  Luxembourg,  to  renew certain workflows and to share knowledge.

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France – Three major CENL member libraries, which are carrying out projects to build high-rise, robotic, hypnoxic storage facilities (The British Library, National Library of France and the National Library of the Netherlands) want to organize two knowledge-exchange seminars involving the staff of the respective institutions in 2023).


Moldova –  Organization of an international conference “Social resilience and stronger professional networks as a precondition for peace” in September 2023 with participants from Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia, with follow-up webinars and informal sessions at each participating library.


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