Network Groups

Call for Network Group Applications

In 2020, the CENL Network Groups were launched for the first time. Their purpose is to enable knowledge exchange, network-building and professional support in relation to a chosen topic of interest. Three Network Groups started their work then: Artificial Intelligence in Libraries, Books and Audiences, and Copyright. Now, after three years, their term is about to end on 31 December 2022. This means, it’s time to start the application process for the Network Groups again.

CENL members are asked to encourage the staff of their national libraries to apply for a network group. This can be a new group if they think there is a topic more or less relevant for all European national libraries. Of course, the existing three network groups can re-apply if they want to continue their work. CENL members themselves shall not partake in network group activities.

Membership of a CENL network group is open to all staff from CENL member libraries, particularly from second-tier leaders and experts. There are no restrictions on group member numbers, but the group must comprise of at least 5 CENL member libraries when it submits its application. Additional members can join thereafter. A group size of a maximum of 12 members is preferred.

To apply, please, be sure to read the Terms of Reference and fill in the application forms below. Please, send the application forms before 1 December 2022 to the CENL secretariat at cenl@dnb.de.

The CENL Secretariat will evaluate all applications, and the Executive Committee will select the successful applications during it meeting in January 2023.


Network Groups 2020-2022