Российская национальная библиотека / National Library of Russia

How to find us

Main Building – 1/3, Ostrovsky Square, St.Petersburg

New Building – 165/2, Moskovsky Prospekt, St.Petersburg

Building on the Fontanka Embankment – 36, the Fontanka Embankment, St.Petersburg





Mr. Vladimir Gronskii


Yegor Sokolov

Year founded

1795 - founded, in 1814 – opened to readers

The National Library of Russia (NLR) is the oldest state public library in Russia. 

It was founded in 1795 and welcomed its first readers in 1814. Since 1810 the library has received a deposit copy of every published book in Russia. The library holds more than 38 million items of documents including unique collections of books and manuscripts in Eastern and European languages. 


CENL SURVEY – Russia (National Library)

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